December 10, 2015

Maintenance & Service

Quantus Electric - Kelowna, BC - Maintenance

Quantus Electric is proud to offer electrical service and maintenance for all residential, commercial and industrial customers. Our company provides personalized, professional service for all of your electrical maintenance and service needs.

Our fully licensed, experienced and professional electricians will rise to meet any challenge set in front of them. Our electricians are skilled in troubleshooting issues with electrical systems and delivering efficient solutions.  We are also happy to create a preventative maintenance program to identify and prevent future issues. Our valued maintenance clients currently include strata management companies, industrial plants, commercial facilities.

We offer 24 hour emergency services. If something happens to the electrical system in your home or business outside of our normal hours you can call the emergency service line and have one of our electricians come and resolve your issue.

Here are just a few examples of the services we offer:

  • Complete Ongoing Electrical Maintenance
  • Panel and Wiring upgrades and Maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • LED Lighting upgrades and new installations
  • Electric heating solutions
  • Emergency Power System Maintenance (Generator, ATS, UPS)
  • Heat Trace – roof heating cable installation and maintenance
  • Annual FSR Building Registration and Inspections
  • Electrical System Inspections
  • Pool and Spa Electrical Equipment Upgrade/Maintenance (Lightings, Controls, Pumps)

LED Lighting Upgrades

Upgrading incandescent or fluorescent lighting to LED lighting offers a number of benefits including:

  • superior lighting
  • exceptional longevity (reduced maintenance costs)
  • dramatically reduced electricity bills
  • possible rebates from Fortis or BCHydro
  • reduced environmental impact